Sunday, April 26, 2009

McKenzie Bight - Gowlland Tod Park

Another cool place I visited recently, and not too far from home (also in Gowlland Tod Park).

McKenzie Bight Cascade Waterfall in Gowlland Tod Provincial Park
Cascade Waterfall along the trail to McKenzie Bight

McKenzie Bight Beach in Gowlland Tod Provincial Park
The view north along the shoreline from McKenzie Bight

The Saanich Inlet from McKenzie Bight in Gowlland Tod Provincial Park\
The view southwest across the Saanich Inlet from McKenzie Bight to the Malahat - The wildflowers are just starting to come out here.

Gowlland Tod is such a cool place - Rainforest, beaches, ridgetop hiking... and within a short drive from Victoria. What more could you ask for in a park?

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Cheers, Josh
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