Thursday, September 25, 2008

Personal Use Licenses Now Available

One of the great things about the web is the prevalence of information and content. You can find pretty much anything you want with a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. For commercial artists who want to make their work easily available for potential clients to view, this means that it is also available for people to take and use, most often without permission and without compensation. I've introduced new "Personal Use" licenses for almost every image in my library to enable people who'd like to use my image(s) for personal non-commercial use, but previously could not afford and/or required the broad rights contained in my commercial licenses. They can now pay a very small licensing fee which in turn allows them to use my images for things like at-home printing, screensaver slideshows, wedding announcements, online personal profiles, etc. I often get requests for screensaver use, so this is a great option for those clients...

Purchasing a license is easy. First, head over to my stock photos page and follow one of the links on that page to browse any of my categorized image galleries, or use the search field on that page instead. You can also start your search here:

Personal Use photo search:

Next, click on the big green "Buy Personal Use" button next to any image (If an image is not available for personal use, there will not be a button).

Personal Use Photo Screensavers

Select the size you want, add to cart, then checkout. An image download will be prepared, and a link will be e-mailed to the buyer immediately after payment is processed. Payment can be made with most major credit cards and paypal.

West Coast Photo Screensavers

Questions or Comments? Fire 'em below.

Cheers, Josh
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Featured by Photoshelter

To those of you that came to my site via Photoshelter's recent ad featuring my image and quote, welcome...

Featured on Photoshelter

Andrew Fingerman, the Marketing Director for Photoshelter came across the quote featured in the ad in a comment I left on John Harrington's Blog post about the recent demise of the PS Collection. The comment basically said that while I was disappointed to see the closure of the PS Collection, I loved the Personal Archive service they offered, and that it had made a big, positive impact on my business. He asked if they could use it in a marketing campaign and I was happy to oblige. They're great people that work hard for the rights of photographers and they provide a killer service. I hope they continue to innovate as they have in the past...

On a related interesting note, it appears that Digital Railroad, Photoshelter's direct competition is hoping to capitalize on the recent closure of the PSC by offering a 20% discount to its former members. The campaign is cleverly and appropriately named Gimme Shelter. As someone that uses both services, I can say both have their merits, though I signed up with DRR mainly to gain access to their Marketplace, another alternative to the big stock agencies that I have had much more success with in image licensing than I did with the Photoshelter Collection. I still much prefer Photoshelter's feature set for customization, ease of image management, metadata management, etc.

While you're here, surf around and read my blog. You might enjoy my post about the image featured in the ad called Prairie Light. See some of my other popular posts in the sidebar on the right. If you like what you see, why not subscribe to my blog? Looking for a link exchange to boost your online presence? I do that too.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers, Josh
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Monday, September 8, 2008

Catching Up

It's been a long time since I've blogged, and I've been feeling guilty about it. When I started this blog, I told myself I would post regularly, which happened for a while, but has certainly not been the case as of late. I am hereby renewing that goal to you all. Thanks for sticking around.

2008 has been a big year for me, both personally and professionally, I've got the Coles Notes update version here for you...

Beginning back in February, I finally completed the transition to working full time as a photographer. I had been working part-time up until then, and am certainly enjoying shooting full-time.

In June, my wife and I purchased a house out in the country - Central Saanich. While only 15 minutes from Victoria, it feels like a completely different world out here. As I'm working from a home office, not having to worry about commuting is certainly nice. I have now transitioned my office off of the kitchen table, and will be building a custom office space for myself this fall.

Central Saanich Sunrise
The view 2 minutes from home.

I have been working on a major project called "Picture BC" for the Knowledge Network and BC's Ministry of Tourism this summer which has required a lot of travel around the southwest coast of the province. I've met lots of great people and seen many of the beautiful places that make this province so special. I've included some of the images from this project here:

Vancouver BC Sunrise Stock Photo

Central Saanich Stock Photo

Sechelt BC Stock Pier Photo

Nanimo BC Sunset Rainbow Stock Photo

Nanaimo BC Bathtub Race Stock Photo

Abbotsford BC Farm Sunset Stock Photo

Abbotsford BC Green House and Barn Stock Photo

Abbotsford BC Family Park Stock Photo

Abbotsford BC Mount Baker Stock Photo

Canadian Snowbirds Stock Photo

Bowen Island Kayaker Stock Photo

Squamish Family Stock Photo

Squamish Hiking Stock Photo

Squamish Coffee Bar Stock Photo

Squamish BC Mountain Biking

Squamish BC Mountain Biking Stock Photo

Vancouver BC Yaletown Sunset Stock Photo

I also had the opportunity to add Popular Mechanics as a new client this summer. I shot a really fun job for them on building your own home climbing wall. Here's a quick view of the first 2 pages of the article. You can pick up a copy on the newsstand this month, or see it on their website here.

Popular Mechanics

I'm really looking forward to some skiing this winter, followed by relaxing in front of the wood stove...

Cheers, Josh
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