Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Revisited: Greenhouses in Central Saanich

Just came across these greenhouse images in my archive that I shot last spring just a few minutes from my house on the Saanich Peninsula. The day was an odd mix of weather, a bit grey and some blue sky too, so I focused more on the details rather than the big picture, and was pretty happy with these images. Since moving out here to Central Saanich, I've taken a keen interest in food production, as we're pretty much surrounded by it. I love living out here, lots of great photo opportunities...

British Columbia Greenhouses
Saanich Peninsula Greenhouse & Mount Baker

British Columbia Agriculture Greenhouses
Central Saanich Greenhouse

Central Saanich Agriculture Greenhouses
BC Greenhouse Agriculture

Check out more of my greenhouse and Agriculture Photos in my stock images archive.

Cheers, Josh
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