Thursday, February 7, 2008

Photography Quick Links 2008-02-07

A few blogs I read send out quicklink posts, and I always get something good out of them, so I thought I'd start sending out quicklinks of my own. These are tidbits (or large chunks) of great photography related info. WARNING: These can eat up some serious time. Best to read them while at your day job.

- Meta-Metadata: This article written by Marc Rochkind is for those of you that are serious about analyzing your images.

- Speaking of Marc, his attention to detail (as noted above) is just what you want in a software developer. Marc makes a slew of great, small apps for photographers like ImageIngester, ImageVerifier, and ImageReporter (the software referenced in the previous link). ImageIngester (I use the Pro version) is a critical part of my digital workflow. Check out his software site here.

- It must be Marc Rochkind week on the web... Got a question about backing up your data? (you are backing up everything, aren't you?) This article is for you. A great breakdown of all the threats to your data and how to manage them.

- This great post by Ed McCulloch (not related) will help you keep a positive outlook. Ed runs a great blog about the business of photography and is worth checking out.

- Leslie Burns Del-Acqua has just released here latest Manual over at Burns Auto Parts. Leslie is a presenter at the ASMP Strictly Business conference, and publishes monthly manuals for free to help you grow your photography business. Check it out, and while you're there make sure to find out why her business name is Burns Auto Parts...

Cheers, Josh
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