Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Canada's West Coast Card Series

As I alluded to in an earlier post, I have been working on a couple of big projects as of late, and one of them is a new greeting card series I am producing themed "Canada's West Coast". After nearly a year in various stages of concept and production, the cards are finally off to the printer this week...

The series of fine art cards features 24 of my best west coast landscapes, and were designed and produced by myself here in Victoria, BC. The cards are being professionally printed in Vancouver, BC on a high quality 50% recycled FSC certified paper. In addition, each card will have a hi-gloss laminate over the image and title and a matte varnish over the remainder of the card to produce a striking contrast in both colour and texture, making these the finest greeting cards available showcasing the beauty of Canada's West Coast. I am very excited about them.

Here are a few of the card covers for you to check out:

Walbran Beach Greeting Card

Walbran Beach Greeting Card

Walbran Beach Greeting Card

Walbran Beach Greeting Card

The back of each card will have a crop of the front image, along with 2 paragraphs of text about the image and the location where it was taken, as well as other interesting facts abut Canada's West Coast. Here is an example of the back of the Sheringham Point Lighthouse card shown above:

Walbran Beach Greeting Card

The cards are going to retail for $3.95, and will be available to retailers at wholesale prices. Anyone interested please contact me directly. While I already have a distribution plan, if any of you would like to suggest a good venue, I'm all ears! Please check out the full Canada's West Coast Card Collection here at joshmcculloch.com.

Cheers, Josh
Copyright © 2008 Josh McCulloch.


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These are quite stunning Josh.



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