Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Location Laptop Case

I travel a lot with my photography (well over 30,000 km in the past 2 years) and of course this means that my gear must come along for the ride. One of the most important pieces of gear a travelling digital photographer needs is a laptop computer. Without one, you are limited by the amount of storage you have with you, which can come in the form of Memory Cards, or fancier items such as the Epson Viewers. A laptop can also help you manage your post-production work while out on a shoot, saving you lots of time at the computer when you get home. If you are a location photographer, your laptop may go beyond merely backing up your images and being a time-saver, having to work with an Art Director editing your take in the field.

Commercial location shooters often work in places fairly inhospitable to computer gear. Water, sand, rocks, bumpy roads, falling off a boat, they can all happen, fast. Enter the Location Laptop Case, developed by Chase Jarvis and his crew in Seattle. Being the gear nerd that I am, I will be setting myself up with one of these ASAP, and I wanted to share my enthusiasm with all of you. Chase combined a Pelican Laptop case with some great accessories to create a tough waterproof case for his Powerbook. Enjoy this one!

Cheers, Josh


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