Sunday, June 10, 2007

West Coast Trail Updates

Good news on the West Coast Trail! It will be open this year starting May 15. While this is two weeks later than normal, it is much better than what many predicted for this season, which was that it wouldn’t open at all!

Here are a few details from the West Coast Trail section of the Parks Canada website:

• The opening of the West Coast Trail will be delayed for public safety reasons.
• Parks Canada is asking individuals planning to hike the trail in May to reschedule their trip for May 15th or later.
• Repairs to the Logan Creek suspension bridge will be completed by May 15 th
• Klanawa cable car crossing repairs are still required. A boat will be available, May 15 th, to ferry hikers from one side to the other until repairs are completed.
• The north end of the trail will be accessible, May 1st to kilometer 15, for day use only.
• Parks Canada regrets any inconvenience to visitors that this delay may cause and looks forward to welcoming overnight hikers on May 15th.
• Celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the trail will take place later this year.
• Parks Canada will continue to keep the public informed of progress.

Also keep your eyes out for the new Official Parks Canada West Coast Trail map this year. It will feature First Nations place names for a number of locations on the trail, as well as some updated tide information. The new map will also be featuring some new Josh McCulloch images (see one of them above!). Watch for them!

Make sure to bookmark and check back for updates on the West Coast Trail.

Cheers, Josh


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